Show & Tell Workshop - Oct. 23, 2012


Douglas Wade set up a “Show & Tell” workshop for members.  It was an open forum where members could share up to ten of their favorite photos and tell stories about them if desired.  Eleven members shared their photos, and over twenty one people were in attendance.

David Wilkins shared photos and techniques used for photographing star trails, and light painting.  Creative effects were enhanced by things such as having lit up tents, people walking with flashlights, and using colored gels. 

Eugene Duley’s photos and stories were of Yellowstone wolves, sunsets and samples of using a tilt shift lens.

Matt Maholwald and his daughter Morgan took a road trip and decided to make it a photo road trip, part of which included Yosemite, and shared images.

Paul Craft backpacked over 220 miles on the John Muir Trail this summer, and since he had to be concerned about weight, only used his I-phone to take photos.  He used apps such as Pro HDR, Pano, Auto Stitch, 360, and even showed photos combined into the Ken Burns effect, which looked like a movie.

Sue Craft shared some of her favorite scenic wildflower and Joshua tree photos, all taken in our beautiful Antelope Valley.   

Tim Holman shared photos taken at Apollo Park, birds, and sunsets, and talked and talked about the cropping factor, and how one can still get a very sharp photo.


Douglas Wade presented some of his favorite shots which included girls dressed from the 50s, girls in wedding dresses, girls in costume, and talked about where he gets the costumes.  Even his dog was dressed up with a bow tie.

Inga Nagel shared the pages from a photo book she created while on a camping adventure in Red Rock Canyon.

Dave Arnold brought in prints to share.  Many were portrait shots and he talked about lighting.  Did you know that if you want to know the light source used to take a portrait photo, you can look at the reflection in the eyes of the subject?

Thank you to all the participants for sharing your work.  We hope to do this again soon!  The workshop ended earlier than usual, so members had time to visit and talk photography.

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