Competition & General Meeting Night, March 19, 2013


David Wilkins, our President, welcomed nearly 60 members to our March General Meeting this evening.

The meeting started off with Christine Wilkins introducing or judge, Stuart Lynn for this evenings “Close-Ups” competition.

Stuart Lynn is the president of the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) and Competition Chair of the Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club (CVDCC). He has been awarded the HonS4C and DFS4C honors by S4C for his work in supporting S4C’s activities and for his photographic achievements, the latter including medals and other awards in S4C’s end of year competitions. He has several times won Photographer of the Year and Image of the Year awards in CVDCC competitions and is an experienced competition judge. He has also won Best of Show at the Riverside County Fair (Date Festival). He has chaired or co-chaired several international photographic competitions recognized by the Photographic Society of America (PSA). Rocking trays in his father’s darkroom at the early age of 4, he inherited his father’s passion for photography. As a teenager, he could not be separated from his camera. His professional career in academe inhibited his favorite hobby so it was with considerable pleasure that he could resume his interest upon retirement. He was an early adopter of digital photography – enabling him to combine photography with his professional background in the computing field. He has also developed many computer systems to support photography club activities and competitions, including support for international competitions.

There was a total of 30 entrants, and 75 entries for this competition in all 9 categories. There were 0 Slides, 9 Novice Digital, 14 Amateur Digital, 19 Advanced Amateur Digital, 22 Master Digital, 0 Novice Prints, 5 Amateur Prints, 4 Advanced Amateur Prints, and 2 Master prints. All results for the competitions can be seen on the  LPA website.

Stuart emphasized the importance of perhaps vignetting an image to draw ones eye closer to the subject, therefore eliminating what otherwise might be “dead space”.
He also stressed the importance when doing a close up, to do just that. Getting in very close, and cropping the image tightly by zeroing in what is most important and in focus, will ultimately produce the best photograph. Many times excess “stuff” in the image  can be quite distracting to the eye. Conversely, sometimes an image may require more information to it to make the onlooker better understand what story is being told.

There was a no host dinner prior to the competition. The judge was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation, an honorary membership, and $75 for travel expenses.
Many thanks to everyone for entering terrific images and making it a great competition night!

Tylene Trout welcomed 5 new attendees to the meeting. She would like to step down as the welcoming chair, and the position would be open to whoever is interested.

Announcements – A blank piece of paper was distributed throughout to have people make suggestions on workshops they’d like to have in LPA. It proved to be successful, as there were a number of prospective ideas. Also, Sue Craft expressed gratitude for all the volunteer sign- ups for the upcoming Poppy Festival.

Upcoming Programs - Apr 23rd – George Hutchison – “Winning Images”

Upcoming Workshops - Mar 26th – Rob Sheppard- “Beyond Composition”, Apr 23rd - Tom Gamache – “Wandering Around Outdoors”, May 21st  – LPA Members – “Bird Brain Photography”, Jun 25th – “Fair Entry Procedures, and Mounting for the Fair”, Jul 23rd – Ed Libe – “Matting & Framing”

Upcoming Competitions –May 21st – Abstract, Jun 18th – End of Year

Upcoming Field Trips - Mar - Bolsa Chica Wetlands, May – Willow Springs, and Jun – Catalina Island

PSA & S4C: Information on these subjects can be seen on LPA website

Newsletter - Terri Garner, our temp Newsletter editor, wants to remind the members they can submit articles and pictures to her for the newsletter by the 22nd of March.

Friday Night Discussion Group - Friday Night Discussion Group are the 2nd & 4th Friday night at 630pm at Denny’s at 20th W and Ave K.

Saturday Monthly Breakfast - is held the 3rd Sunday each month at Carrow’s on Ave K  West.

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