How to Enter and Prepare Your Photos - 2019

A.V. Fair

The AV Fair Photography for 2019 has 33 classes covered over 12 divisions. The total is 242 division/class entries, wow! The Photography Fair Chairpersons have created a presentation to aid you to a better understanding of the class definitions and to share with you tips, examples, and tools to assist you in best determining what class your photo should be entered in.

This document is to aid the exhibitor (you) in choosing where to enter images either in the print and/or digital entry for the Antelope Valley Fair. There is no right answer in picking the proper Class, but hopefully, this document will assist you in choosing the best Division and Class for your images. To be clear, if this document or any other comments contradict the AV Fair photography rules, the AV Fair rules will be authoritative.

The document is PDF

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how can we get a list of our winningentries over the years?
You ask: How can we get a list of our winning entries over the years?

A: I do not have that information. The AV Fair office may be able to help you.

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