Program & General Meeting Night: April 16, 2013


Douglas Wade, our Vice President, welcomed nearly 40 members to our April General Meeting this evening.

The meeting started off with Douglas Wade introducing our guest speaker George Hutchison, or “Hutch” as he is commonly referred to. His Program Presentation was called “Elements of Award Winning Images”, which many seemed to thoroughly enjoy!

Hutch has had a lifelong passion for photography, growing up with a father and grandfather who were both avid photographers. The advent of digital photography in the 1990's further stimulated and broadened his interest. He is an award winning photographer active in many local photography organizations, and a frequent judge and/or presenter at clubs and competitions in Southern California. Hutch is available for portrait, architectural, product and event photography, as well as private photography workshops, tours or coaching. Hutch says “Photography is an art, and any form of art is subjective to the viewer. Some may call an image excellent while others see it as ordinary. However, both experts and people with utterly no knowledge of photography usually agree when they lay their eyes on a good image”.

The emphasis of this program essentially asks: So, what are the elements you should be aware of if you want to get the attention of the judge and an award winning image? Well, with a little history, and an overview of the “12 Elements” the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) defined as their "Gold Standard", Hutch lays out a lot of super information in 90 minutes.

The “12 Elements” are as follows, and he discussed each standard as we followed along:

Some other issues he touched on were: Even old pros can really learn from the “newbies” perspective, and of course vice versa. So, always share and you’ll continue to learn and not get stuck in a particular genre.

If you’re going to do an “iconic” picture, it had better be a fresh point of view and great if you want it to stand out above the rest!

Black & Whites need strong contrast from hard lighting to be most effective, generally speaking. Hard light is from a smaller light source, while soft lighting results from a larger light source. Try to always use fill flash for outdoor shots.

Always use SRGB for projected images. If not, you’re colors may be distorted without you even knowing it. Calibration of your monitor is highly advisable as well!

Try to avoid “tangency”. Those are subjects that are touching the edges of the border, creating tension.

Give your eye a place to roam around the subject, without having too much negative space. Or, fill the whole frame!'

It’s always a better idea to “over frame” your shot, as to allow for future croppings to create multiple images from within that initial image.

Bottom line, if you had to take away just one thing from this presentation to really incorporate into your photography… it would be “LIGHTING”!!!

Whether it be natural, or studio lighting, it ultimately plays thee most important role of a GREAT image. It makes all the difference, and will inevitably produce the best award winning, eye catching images!

Many THANX to Hutch for such a terrific thought filled night!

There was a no-host dinner for George at 4:30pm at the Lemon Leaf Café, 653 W. Lancaster Blvd. He was a awarded a Certificate of Appreciation, an honorary membership, and $75 for travel expenses.

Announcements – Sue Craft is looking for more volunteers for the upcoming Poppy Festival April 20-21. Signups are on the LPA website, or you can contact her.

Sue Craft, appointee for the Nominating Committee,  also read off the new slate of the officers for the 2013-2014 year.

Douglas Wade says AV Fair entries opened April 1st, with the new category expansion. Please refer to the rules on the AVF website.

Upcoming Programs - TBD

Upcoming Workshops -  Apr 23rd - Tom Gamache – “Wandering Around Outdoors”, May 21st  – LPA Members – “Bird Brain Photography”, Jun 15th & 25th – “Fair Entry Procedures, and

Mounting for the Fair”, Jul 23rd – Ed Libe – “Matting & Framing”

Upcoming Competitions –May 21st – Abstract, Jun 18th – End of Year

Upcoming Field Trips – Apr 27th - Bolsa Chica Wetlands, May – Willow Springs, and Jun – Catalina Island

PSA & S4C: Information on these subjects can be seen on LPA website

Newsletter- Terri Garner, our temp Newsletter editor, wants to remind the members they can submit articles and pictures to her for the newsletter by the 26th  of April.

Friday Night Discussion Group - Friday Night Discussion Group are the 2nd & 4th Friday night at 6:30pm at Carrow’s (new location) corner of 17th St, and Ave K West

Saturday Monthly Breakfast- is held the 3rd Sunday each month at Carrow’s on Ave K  West.

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