Competition & General Meeting Night: May 21, 2013


Silver Fire
"Silver Fire"
P. Dale Ware
Douglas Wade, our Vice President, welcomed roughly 39 members to our May General Meeting this evening.

The meeting started off with Christine Wilkins introducing or judge, Noella Ballenger for this evenings “Abstract” competition.

Lake Elizabeth -101
"Lake Elizabeth -101"
Arliss Dawson
A professional nature and wildlife photographer and writer, Noella Ballenger's experience has included photographing some of the world's most pristine and spectacular locations. Traveling extensively, she has searched for pockets of beauty throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Africa, Europe and the South Pacific. Noella has lectured throughout the United States and New Zealand. She celebrates her 24th year of teaching photography and her 27th year as a member of the American Society of Media Photographers. Her work has been published in Gardens & Landscapes, Natural History, Petersen’s Photographic, Zoo View, Lapidary Journal, Westways, California Highways, True West and many other magazines. In addition, her work has been selected for inclusion in the Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: Pacific Coast States, American Sampler, Focus on New Zealand (New Zealand); Great Mysteries: Ghosts (England); Death Trap: The Story of the La Brea Tar Pits, Ghost Towns of the American West, The Audubon Guides, Simple Prayers and Blessings, La Purisima, Erosion, The Pueblo, Encyclopedia of Native Americans and many other books. Ballenger's photographs are installed in the Kaiser Permanente, Ming Avenue Medical Offices, in Bakersfield, CA, Los Angeles Children's Hospital, Plastic Surgery Clinic, Brotman Medical Center; UCLA Medical Center's Tiverton House, Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, and in private collections around the world.

Fourth of July
"Fourth of July"
Bruce Cable
There were a total of 33 entrants, and 100 entries for this competition in all 9 categories. There were 0 Slides, 23 Novice Digital, 21 Amateur Digital, 22 Advanced Amateur Digital, 19 Master Digital, 0 Novice Prints, 5 Amateur Prints, 5 Advanced Amateur Prints, and 5 Master prints. All results for the competitions can be seen on the LPA website.
This competition proved to be perhaps the most challenging thus far, mainly because Abstract is supremely subjective. Noella moved swiftly along with her critiques, and seemingly enjoyed all the many shapes and colorations that so many of the images had. She praised LPA for the high level of work that we are producing…Thank you Noella !

There was a no host dinner prior to the competition. The judge was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation, an honorary membership, and $75 for travel expenses.
Many thanks to everyone for entering such terrific images and making it a great competition night!

Announcements – The position of Hospitality Chair is now open to whoever is interested.

Sue Craft & Dale Ware, our Nominating Committee, presented the slate of candidates and called for a vote. President: David Wilkins; Vice President: Douglas Wade; Secretary: Holly Peskin; Treasurer: Terri Garner; and 2 Board Member positions: Wayne Staley and Rock Myers. A motion was made by Lyle Trusty “to accept the candidates as presented”. Bonnie Mathews second the motion.  No discussion.  The Chairman called for the vote, via show of hands.  33 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstained, vote passed, officers elected.  At the June
General meeting the slate of officers will be sworn in office.

Upcoming Programs – Douglas Wade - June 18th – End of Year Competition

Upcoming Workshops - May 28th   – LPA Members – “Bird Brain Photography”-  Sue Liberto, Sue Craft, Tina Crowe, Holly Peskin, Don Bennett, Doug Jensen, and Nan Carder.

Jun 25th – “Fair Entry Procedures, and Mounting for the Fair”, Jul 23rd – Ed Libe – “Matting & Framing”

July 23rd – Ed Libe – “Matting & Framing”

Upcoming Competitions

Jun 18th - End of Year Competition, Members Choice

Upcoming Field Trips – Douglas Wade

Need Field Trip Chair starting in July 2013

Jun 23rd – Catalina Island

PSA & S4C: Information on these subjects can be seen on LPA website

A V Fair – Douglas Wade –

LPA members can sign up to volunteer at the Photography Exhibit  on LPA website

New categories added this year: Animal Domestic, Animal Wild, Fair Theme, Night Photography, Panoramas, and Camera Phone

AVF Volunteers need to fill out an AVF Volunteer Application (incl 2012 volunteers who have not done so)

AVF monthly meetings will be held before board meeting starting in June at 5:30 pm

June 15th – Workshop on “Preparing & Mounting Photos for the Fair” - 6 pm at Photo Bldg.  

Newsletter- Terri Garner, our  Newsletter editor, wants to remind members that they can submit articles and pictures to her for the newsletter by Sunday May 26th.

Website – Lee Garner

Librarian – Bonnie Matthews – CS6, Lightroom 4, and Elements 11 books now available

Friday Night Discussion Group - Friday Night Discussion Group are the 2nd & 4th Friday night at 6:30pm at Carrow’s, Ave K & 17th West

Sunday Monthly Breakfast- is held the 3rd Sunday each month at Carrow’s on Ave K & 17th West.

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