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PSA Annual Conference, Portland, Maine: Only a couple more months before the PSA Annual Conference will begin. The dates are September 15th through September 21st 2013. The PSA Annual Conference in 2014 will be in Albuquerque (right before the Balloon Festival), and in 2015 will be held in Yellowstone.

PSA Projected Image Division Creative Interclub Competition (Fourth Round): Lancaster Photography Association did not receive any Awards or Honorable Mentions.

PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub Competition (Third Round): Sue Liberto (Flying Cocker) and Nan Carder (Bubble Girl) received HMs for the Photojournalism Interclub Group A. The Lancaster Photography Association was third in the third round.

PSA Photojournalism Division Interclub Competition (Fourth Round): Results are pending.

Tina Crowe has volunteered to send the Photojournalism Interclub winners (from round two, three, and four) their ribbons. Thank you, Tina.

Nan Carder has earned her distinction of Excellence (EPSA) with over 700 PSA International Exhibition acceptances documented by Division Stars. Division Stars earned are the following: Nature 5th Star, Photojournalism 4th Star, Projected Image Division 4th Star, Small Color Print 3rd Star, Small Monochrome Print 2nd Star, and Travel 2nd Star. If any LPA member needs assistance with applying for PSA Division Stars, please let her know.

The PSA website has a new look. Take a look at this web link: There are over 1000 web pages on this web site, with many images to view.

If any LPA members belong to PSA, they can compete in the PSA Photojournalism Quarterly competition. There is no fee to participate. The next competition closes August 31st:

The 2013 Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) International Exhibition of Photography had some of our Lancaster Photography Association members entering the competition. This year the judging for the prints was held on July 13th. The judging for digital images was done remotely and the medal rounds were held on July 20th at the California Baptist University. Every Lancaster Photography Association (LPA) member that entered had an acceptance, and some LPA members were awarded with Honorable Mentions (HM):

The Divisions LPA members entered were the following: Projected Image (PID) Color, PID Monochrome, Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism (PJ), Print Color, Print Monochrome, and Travel

Nan Carder: PID Color (HM), PID Mono (HM), Nature, PJ (HM), Travel
Tina Crowe: Nature, PJ, and Print Color
Arliss Dawson: Nature, Travel
Sue Liberto: PID, Nature (HM)
Bonnie Matthews: PID Color, PID Mono
Holly Peskin: PID (HM), PID Mono
Scott Shackelford: PJ, Travel
Bill Sutton: PID, Nature, PJ
Pat Ware: PID Mono, Print Color (HM)
Dale Ware: PID (HM), PID Mono, Print Color
David Wilkins. PJ

Three of our club members were “helpers” for the medal rounds for the S4C International Exhibition. Tina Crowe, Lee Garner, AS4C, Bill Sutton, AS4C. Nan Carder, EPSA, DFS4C and honorary LPA member Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA, EFIAP, HonS4C, DFS4C judged the Small Prints Color and Monochrome. Honorary LPA member Joanne also was the General Chairperson.

Tina Crowe had three acceptances in the Projected Image Division Color Open for the Photographic Society of America International Exhibition. She also had a Photojournalism Print acceptance. Congratulations Tina.

The 2013-2014 PSA Interclub competitions will start in the fall.

If anyone would like information about the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, EPSA at

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