General Meeting, Food Photography, August 20 2013


Douglas Wade, our Vice President, welcomed 35 members to our Program night featuring Food Photography with Ed Ouelette. Ed educated the members on how the pros do quality food photography. Whether they just take photos of their beautifully plated dinner with their cell telephone cameras, or attempt a more serious gourmet photography moment, our attendees learned how to do it better.  Ed Ouellette showed our LPA members the secrets to quality food images. He set up a complete studio for food photography. Lights of varying sources, light modifiers, cameras, lenses, etc. Tethered to his laptop and our projector, attendees were able to view images live as Ed took the shots. He demonstrated how to make the food look more visually appealing and some of the tricks of the trade.  A few of the tips Ed shared:

  • Vary aperture size to change the depth of field
  • Used 70 to 200mm lens with a close up adapter
  • Used a 24 to 70mm lens
  • Various light modifiers: Plexi reflector, Shoot through white reflector,  Black foam core to selectively   block light, Use a light snoot to narrow light source
  • Use Pam to add a shine to the food
  • Plastic ice cubes for drinks
  • Make images larger than life
  • Ed prefers Capture One software for sharpening
  • Use spray starch on the outside of glass to hold water droplets
  • Use YouTube for many solutions or training on photography issues.

Ed Ouellette’s photography skills go way beyond food photography. If you would like to see more of what he photographs, visit his website at

Sept  17th – Dan Holmes – Nature, Landscape etc...

Aug 27th – “Ice Cream Social & Show ‘n’ Tell Night“ – Rock Myers - Share up to 10 of your photos and submit through the LPA website
Sept 24th – “Photo Critique” – Rock Myers would like board members to submit photos with flaws
Oct 22nd – “S4C & PSA Website & Entry Introduction” - Nan Carder & Bonnie Matthews

October 15th – Human Interest – Judge Diane Racey

Field Trips:  Field Trip Chairperson needed

S4C – Bonnie Matthews - See S4C report on website

PSA – Nan Carder - See PSA report on website

Newsletter – Deadline Monday August 26th – Submit your photos and stories to

Librarian – Bonnie would like to step down from being Librarian Chair.  Want to have unlimited access to a whole lot of books, magazines, and DVD’s?  Volunteer for Librarian Chairperson.

Friday Night Discussion Group – Terri Garner – Meets 2nd & 4th Friday of month at Carrows, Ave K & 17th St W, Lancaster

Sunday Monthly Breakfast – Dale Ware – Meets 3rd Sunday of month at Carrows, Ave K & 17th St W, Lancaster

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