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Shooting an action sequence can be exciting but putting several images into one image can be very interesting. I took these images at a recent race at the AV Motoplex in Lancaster on Sunday Oct. 13th. The energy level at the track is incredible even if you’re not racing.

To get the shot (s), you need to shoot on a continuous setting with a high shutterspeed (1000) and a reasonably small aperature (11- 22). A wide angle lens setting is important as well.
The applications are many. For you wild life photographers, image seeing the flight pattern of a bird or an animal running…. or maybe a kid chasing a soccer ball.

Once the images are shot, you’ll need to do a few steps in Photoshop to finalize the effect. I’ll refer you to a YouTube video from Adorama (Gavin Hoey). It’s episode #130 (11:32 min.). He’ll walk you through the layers, masking, etc. If you have questions or suggestions, email me at
Rock Myers

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