Owens Valley Field Trip, Sep 19-21 2014

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Michael Carr

On a late summer weekend in September nine LPA members embarked on an adventure in the Owens Valley led by Mike Carr and Kurtiss Humphrey.  We met in Lone Pine on a Friday and proceed up, up, up to Whitney Portal.  Kurtiss shot a time-lapse sequence; his son flew his quadrocopter with a GoPro on board.  Others of us hiked up the falls to shoot the raging water and still others went downhill to shoot landscape and macro scenes.  We left there in late afternoon for the Alabama Hills where Mike took us on a tour of movie sites and places appropriate for sunset shots.  We dispersed to various locations to photograph the sunset over Mount Whitney and then adjourned for dinner at a new restaurant in Lone Pine, The Grill.

Matt Mahowald

After dinner, a number of us went to the Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills to photograph the Milky Way over the Arch. We experimented with lighting and even colored light sabers!

At dawn a number of us rose early and shot sunrise over Mount Whitney.  After breakfast and a little down time the group proceeded to Manzanar where the clouds were robust and the scenery magnificent.  Manzanar continues to update itself.  The Pleasure Park has been reconstructed after years of blowing sand had buried it.

Matt Mahowald

Again we dispersed, some to the Bristlecone Pines, some to Laws, some to nap.  We agreed to meet at the highlight destination at 5pm, CARMA.  Kurtiss was there first and secured entry for our group.  What an experience.  Although there were too many clouds for a good sunset shot it was grand to be able to photograph the telescopes from a variety of positions.  The clouds persisted after dark and prevented a Milky Way shot later that evening.  Lightning and rain cut the evening short but we all had a plethora of pictures.

A few hardy souls were out the next morning for the sunrise over Mount Whitney from the Alabama Hills.  Then a well-deserved breakfast and an easy drive home.

Many thanks to Mike and Kurtiss for leading us on this adventure.

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