Refractography Workshop, Nov 25th 2014


Presenter- Bill Debley
New Location: Greenhouse Cafe, 1169 Commerce Center Dr., Lancaster, CA
6pm to 8pm

My guess is this will be something completely new to you. Can you imagine taking pictures without a lens?

Well that is a technique that Bill Debley has developed. To quote Bill, “This experimental genre requires that I go “beyond wide open” and remove the lens altogether. My quest is to capture caustic patterns created by the refraction of light waves travelling obliquely through different media thus changing their wavelengths. Simply put bending light to form beautifully complex patterns that are magical. They evoke images of the mind and let your imagination take over. The viewer becomes part of the creation of the image. These images are seldom, if ever, viewed much less captured and presented in the form of a photograph.

Bill will show us some of his amazing images and describe his technique.

Please purchase a drink, dinner, or desert, or provide a $2 courtesy tip for attending.

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