British Polo Day, May 30th 2015

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British Polo Day

What a glorious day at Will Rogers State Park, Santa Monica, the site of British Polo Day.  Thanks to Holly Peskin for arranging the British Polo Day field trip on May 30, 2015.  A large contingent of LPA photographers, including, Sue and Paul Craft, Sue and Bill Liberto, Bonnie and Dwight Francke, Linda and Ron Yagi, Kurtiss and LeRae Humphrey, Eugene Duley, Tina Crowe and Lance, Sarah Osenga, Douglas Wade, Tylene Trout, Rock Myers, David and Chris Wilkins arrived at lunchtime, devoured picnic lunches and spent the afternoon, photographing polo ponies, polo players, the celebrity luncheon, bicycle polo and two polo matches with eight chukkers worth of polo action.  Members of the Thousand Oaks Camera club joined us for the excitement. 

Before the formal match there were opportunities to photograph pony grooming, real pony tailing, jockeys in their kit, the celebrity hoopla, spectators and even Friesian horses.  During the match photographers were allowed full access to the sides and ends of the field.  Many of our photographers were on the move shooting from a multitude of positions.  There were so many photographers with big glass that at least one of the spectators, confusing us with paparazzi, asked which celebrity we were chasing.  The accompanying pictures convey our impressions of this event.

Christine Wilkins

David Wilkins

Bonnie J Matthews-Franke

Holly Peskin

​Rock Myers

​Ron Yagi

Sue Craft 

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