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By Nan Carder, APSA, EPSA, DFS4C, PSA Club Representative

PSA Annual Conference, West Yellowstone: The PSA Conference in West Yellowstone has ended. It was a great conference with 36 tours into the Yellowstone National Park during the conference. Ramon Rosario was so busy taking tours, and being a tourist, that he was never seen. The elk were in mating season and were very active. Some of the photographers were able to view a bull and cow elk mate. That was X-rated, and no images have been on Facebook yet.

Some of the male elk attacked at least three cars. One rear window was replaced. We heard that one bull elk in the Madison River area ran into a group of photographers, and everyone scattered quickly. No one was hurt.

The conference speakers were excellent and quite a few of the speakers did conference tour/workshops in the Yellowstone National Park. The photographers worked one on one with those attending.

The Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) was second in both the Monochrome and Nature Section of the Councils’ Challenge. S4C was second overall.

In 2016, the PSA conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas from September 10-17.  The conference hotel will be the Wyndham San Antonio Riverwalk.

PSA Southern California Roundup Chapter Event: The Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA will hold their 2016 Annual Photography Event on Saturday, February 6, 2016, at the Crowne Plaza Costa Mesa (Orange County) during the Lunar New Year celebrations.  The featured speaker will be Jeff Sullivan who has just published "Photographing California" and he will speak on "Little Known California Photo Opportunities." The afternoon speakers will address "Making Photo Books." Several photo opportunities are being arranged: Friday afternoon until sunset (Huntington Beach Pier at sunset), all day Sunday (the Lunar New Year celebrations at the Orange County Fair Grounds), and Sunday morning (Huntington Pier Surfers and Beach Volleyball).

Chris Wilkins volunteers again! Besides Chris volunteering for the Membership Milestone Program Director position, Chris has also volunteered to become one of the PSA Exhibition Standards Directors. She will receive applications from organizations from the Balkans requesting PSA-recognition for their exhibition. All organizations that receive approval for PSA-recognized exhibitions agree to conform to the PSA Exhibition Standards. Thank you, Chris, for your service.

PSA International Exhibition 2015: All three of Shirl Airov-Bieling’s accepted images were shown at the PSA International Exhibition. Helen Henry, DFS4C also had two images accepted in the Projected Image Division (Milky Way with Windmill and Planes of Fame). and were shown at the West Yellowstone conference. This is one of the largest international exhibitions in 2015. Over 500 photographers participated in the Projected Image Division (PID) competition.  There were 1951 images entered in PID Color with 597 acceptances and there were 1563 images entered in PID Monochrome with 468 acceptances. There were exhibitors from 47 countries participating in this one division’s competition.

All of the PSA catalogs from all of the divisions are now on-line:

For information on the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, APSA. EPSA at


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