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By Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA, DFS4C, PSA Club Representative


PSA Annual Conference, West Yellowstone: In 2016, the PSA conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas from September 10-17.  The conference hotel will be the Wyndham, San Antonio Riverwalk. There will be an exciting lineup of photo tours, workshops, programs, featured speakers, and social activities. Tours will include the following:

An all day tour to the historic San Antonio missions will be offered as well as early morning and late day photo tours of the missions. There will also be an all day tour to the Texas Hill Country that will include a stop at the LBJ Ranch.  In addition, there will be a River Barge tour, a River Barge Dinner tour, a tour of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens and Japanese Tea Garden, a King William District tour, a Double Decker Bus tour and walking tours.

Registration will begin April 1, 2016 at this website:

PSA Projected Image Division Interclub: The Lancaster Photography Association entered the second round of the Projected Image Division (PID) in Group A. Congratulations go to Doug Wade whose image “Lone Tree” won an Honorable Mention. Other images entered with their makers were the following: “AV Fireworks” (Tom Van Langenhoven),Bull Bison at Yellowstone” (Ramon Rosario), “Illulissat in the Midnight Sun” (Christine Wilkins), “Oak Tree” (Helen Henry), “Pilgrim and Mosque” (Richard Wood).

PSA PID Creative Interclub: Congratulations Kathy Newman. Her image “Hummingbird Flight” has won an Honorable Mention in the Projected Image Division Creative Inter-club Group a first round. Other entries were the following: “2002 ProwlerRock Myers, “Creative Portrait of Megan” (Bonnie Matthews-Franke), “Horses in Aspen” (Helen Henry), “Lotus 3463” (Nan Carder), and “Old Number 9” (Bill Sutton). The Lancaster Photography Association was third in this round.

Helen Henry, Rock Myers, and Kathy Newman judged the PSA Creative Interclub Group C, Round 1 competition this month. Many thanks to all of you for volunteering.

PSA PID Individual Creative: Entries for the second round will be due on February 20, 2016. Nancy Speaker, who also participates in the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs, is the new PID Individual Creative Competition Director. Her email address is the following:

PSA Projected Image Division Individual Portrait Competition:The Individual Portrait Competition is an annual competition organized by the Projected Image Division (PID).

The competition is open to Individual Members of The Photographic Society of America (PSA), and is free of charge.

The competition will have three Rounds.

Round 1 closes March 28

Round 2 closes May 9

Round 3 closes July 11

Each Round will award the following prizes: First, Second, and Third

Also, the following awards will be awarded: Best Male, Best Female, and Best Child, Best Monochrome, Best Indoor, and Best Environmental

The number of Honorable Mentions is dependent on the number of participants. For more information, please go to this website:

PSA International Exhibitions:

1st Metropolitan Chapter International Exhibition: Shirl Airov-Bieling entered some of her images in the 1stMetropolitan Chapter Exhibition. She had acceptances in PID-Monochrome (Snarling Lion), and Nature (Pink Jellyfish).

83rd Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (WIEP): David Wilkins and Nan Carder both won a ribbon award at the WIEP exhibition. David won the award in Projected Image Division Color (Chapel in Yosemite in Winter), and Nan won the award in the digital Photojournalism class (Surfer 3749). All of the WIEP results can be seen at this webpage:

Coachella Valley International Exhibition: All Lancaster Photography Association members are invited to participate in the Coachella Valley International Exhibition. Entries are open. This year the exhibition will provide these PSA Division Classes:

PID Color Class:

  • General
  • Theme (Water, Steam, Snow, and/or Ice)

PID Monochrome Class:

  • General
  • Trees


  • General
  • Wildlife

Entries will close on February 27th, 2016

Medal round judging will be March 12th, 2016

Report cards will be emailed by March 19th
More information may be found at this web site:

PSA Southern California Roundup Chapter Event: The Southern California Roundup Chapter of PSA held their 2016 Annual Photography Event on Saturday, February 6, 2016, at the Crowne Plaza Costa Mesa (Orange County). There were two photo shoots on February 5th. LPA members attending were the following: Darren Cole, Kathy Newman, Chris Wilkins, and David Wilkins.

More Information and pictures from the PSA Southern California Roundup Chapter Event may be found at this web site:

Ocean State International Exhibition: The Lancaster Photography Association has had members participate in the Ocean State International Exhibition as a club the past couple of years. This exhibition has moved their date from October to March. LPA needs at least six of their members to participate. The top six scores will be used to determine the winners of this club competition. Acceptances go for PSA individual stars. Medals are given to individuals. Any LPA member is welcome to participate. More information can be found at this website:

PSA Membership Milestone Program:  Donald Brown, APSA, Membership Vice President, has commented that Christine Wilkins is doing an outstanding job bringing this excellent membership recognition program back to our members. Don discovered that many members were wondering what had happened to this long-standing PSA program. Members were concerned that they had reached a milestone and were not contacted. The program starts at five years of membership. PSA has members enjoying up to 65 years of PSA membership.

Nan Carder, APSA, MPSA, had a five-year Membership Milestone certificate presented at the event on February 6th.

For information on the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, APSA, and MPSA, at


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