Step Into The Past March 15, 2016 Competition


Step Into The Past March 2016 Competition

By Bonnie J Matthews-Franke


The deadline to enter is March 8th at 11:59pm. Please remember, even if only entering prints you need to upload digital images of the print entries so they can be displayed for everyone to see during the judging.

Our judge will Paul Speaker and we will have a no host dinner at the Greenhouse Cafe at 4:30pm on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016. Please contact Bonnie Matthews-Franke at if you have any questions

Paul Speaker has been interested in photography since childhood. He began with roll film and a box Brownie. After active duty in the USNavy, he attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with a double major in Industrial Photography and Color Technology. Shortly thereafter, he was hired by General Dynamics Corp, where he worked as an industrial photographer and color printer for 10 years. When their facility was sold and moved, he switched to Lifetouch, a school photography company, where, for 10 years he photographed classroom groups from 6 to 600 students, dances, seniors, and sports. Paul had his first Photoshop class in January, 2000, and, by April had hired on as a full-time retoucher for a full-service portrait studio. Currently, he is semi-retired, accepting assignments if they interest him, but mostly doing Photoshop work for other photographers.

Paul is an active member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), currently serving on the PPA Council. Through PPA, he has qualified as a Certified Professional Photographer. Paul  also earned the PPA Master of Photography Degree, the Craftsman Degree, and the Master Artist Degree. At the state level, he has earned the Fellowship Award with three bars representing more than 75 prints. He has been accepted into the Professional Photographers of California (PPC) State Print Competitions since 2002. Paul has been the recipient of two People’s Choice Awards, a Fuji Masterpiece Award, two PPA Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) Competition Awards, and two Kodak Gallery Awards at the state level.  He is the past president of the Inland Empire Professional Photographers and Videographers, based in Riverside, CA, the local affiliate of PPC. Paul is also the immediate Past President of the International Association of Panoramic Photographers (IAPP). One of Paul’s panoramic images earned a Silver Award in the 2013 Epson International Pano Awards competition. During 2015 Paul had images accepted in international competitions in Greece, Serbia, Ireland, Bavaria, Queensland (Australia), Argentina, and the United States.

Besides membership in Photographic Society of America (PSA), Paul is a member of Photochromers, based in Sierra Madre, CA, affiliated with the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C). As a Board Member of S4C, Paul is responsible for screening images submitted in the monthly competitions for the Pictorial-Individual Color section. Paul is also being called on to judge at other camera clubs within the S4C community, and has participated in several International judging’s. He also belong to the Rancho Cucamonga Photo Club, and the Riverside Art Museum’s Photo Artist Network (PAN), neither of which are members of PSA (yet). Paul was also honored to place First in Photography in the Associated Artists of the Inland Empire 50th Annual Juried Fine

Art Show last year.

STEP INTO THE PAST - Historic sites, buildings, antiques and relics of the past. This can include images of people in period costume.

by Bonnie J Matthews-Franke

Bonnie has been taking pictures since she was a little girl, but she didn’t get into digital photography until about four years ago, just before she joined the club.

Matthews finds the club to be very beneficial to her. “The interaction with other members, being able to ask questions, the workshops and the knowledge that I take away from the club is phenomenal.”

She is very active, attending most of the workshops and field trips. She has missed only a few workshops the last few years and has attended about 70% of the field trips. The fall color trip is one she’s really looking forward to.

When asked what kind of photography she prefers, she said landscapes. She just finished a vacation trip to Oregon where she photographed lighthouses, old barns and covered bridges. “I really like old structures,” she said. She now loves portraits and has her own studio.

Matthews has a Canon 5D MKII and a variety of lenses and accessories. Her favorite lens is a 28-135mm ,70-200mm. & 100mm.

Matthews is our new secretary of the club and has made many changes – to help us grow. One improvement she hopes to make, however, is to archive the meeting notes she takes so new members can have access to them online.

“I’m really proud that the club is growing like it is, and that the workshops are so great.

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