Workshop on Pictorial Pictures and Composition: Beyond the Basics by Nancy Lehrer -Jan. 24th 2017


A Workshop on Pictorial Pictures and Composition: Beyond the Basics, for January 24th, 2017 at the AV senior center, at 6:00 p.m. There will be a no-host dinner at the Greenhouse Cafe, at 4:30 p.m. to meet the presenter, Nancy Lehrer. Nancy comes highly recommended by our esteemed 'Hutch' Hutchison. She is well trained in composition by several great photographers and has won awards for her photography.

Nancy states that "our job as photographers is to present a slice of time as a single image, providing a rich and visually captivating story. We search for compelling subjects bathed in beautiful light, select our camera settings, wait for the perfect moment, and take the picture. But what is missing from this description of photography are two important choices: where we position ourselves and what we choose to frame. These two decisions are what creates the composition. The definition of composition is the relationship of the image’s constituent components or the way in which the whole of the image is made. Like choosing the right words to convey a spoken message, an image’s composition will make or break its impact and meaning. 

The composition is far more than just following a set of rules. Concepts such as “the rule of thirds” or “using leading lines” are merely starting points for creating simple images and conveying straightforward stories. But to create a compelling photograph requires the control over the arrangements and juxtapositions of many image elements. In this presentation, we will examine compositional approaches that go beyond the basics to create order, lead the viewer, and tell our stories about the complex world around us."

About Nancy Lehrer -

Nancy Lehrer has been using photography to capture her unique world-view for most of her life. Her earliest photojournalist recognition came at a summer camp at the young age of 10 where, armed with her father’s Kodak Brownie camera, she earned the position of camp-photographer documenting the summer’s activities. Although she holds Masters degrees in Music and Computer Science, she has always held on to her passion for photography. She has studied photography from several American photography masters including Jay Maisel, Sam Abell, and Gerd Ludwig. She has received several local awards in the Ventura County area, such as awards at the Ojai Arts Center Photo Exhibit in 2014 and 2016, and at the Ventura County Fair, including the best of color division in 2009 for her Flamingo picture. Nancy has two books, Los Angeles, Yesterday and Today, and 2-MegaPixels or Less. Here is a link to a site that carries the book, Los Angeles, Yesterday and Today:


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