September 19th General Meeting


We will be hosting a Fundamentals of photography night with a Photography Video and Popcorn evening. The Photographer teaching on the video is Joel Sartore, a National Geographic Fellow. This will be a great time to invite someone you know that has their first camera or someone you invited to the club meetings at the Fair. We will be covering the basic aspects of camera photography including shutter speed, aperture and depth of field and how light makes a photograph. Yes thats a lot to cover so please be ready to help your invited friend or new attendee. Encourage them to bring their camera and we can also help them with any questions that may be on their minds.

So you advanced, master and professional photographers this is your chance to pass on the desire and satisfaction of photography to someone. Be ready to help where you can and enjoy the popcorn and the excitement of seeing someone when the light come on about a fundamental aspect of photography. Give someone one evening of your time which can translate into a lifetime of enjoyment. Make that little extra effort and the rewards will be great for you and all that attend.

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