Macro Photography Workshop - February 27, 2018

With Jonathan Charles Willner


[image1_left]Jonathan Charles Willner is a 40 year old photographer currently residing in Granada Hills , Ca. He specializes in macro photography. He got his first Canon DSLR camera in December 2006, and by January 2007, photography was a full blown passion of his. He has been a photographer ever since. He has shot everything from headshots to weddings, modeling to family photos, live band shoots to promotional band shoots and now his main focus is nature, primarily macro photography . You can find a lot of his work online by searching out his full name and also look up ArtofJCW.

During the workshop, Mr. Willner will be showing printed images and talking about the techniques and gear used to capture each one. This will be a great way to learn about macro photography gear, setups, lighting, how to overcome common challenges, creative ideas to get better shots, as well as answering individual questions that anyone may have. There will also be a raffle drawing and some giveaways for people that attend.

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