Storm Photography with Rusty Nelson - March 20


[image1_left]On March 20th, at 6:00 our LPA general meeting will host Rusty Nelson as our speaker. The program will be about his passion and method for storm and weather photography. The meeting will be held at the Antelope Valley Senior Center, 777 W. Jackman Street, Lancaster, CA

Rusty Nelson is an Adobe Lightroom Certified Expert and was recently awarded Photographer of the Year with the Professional Photographers of Los Angeles. He is also an extreme storm chasing photographer and guide in Tornado Alley with Silver Lining Tours and spends most of his summer “chasing” in the Midwest with his camera.

Rusty has a saying that the camera has become his “Best Excuse for Adventure” and he will be sharing his recent photographic adventures with images and video while storm chasing interwoven with some philosophy of photography.

He’ll dig into how he got involved in this crazy type of photography along with equipment he uses to track and photograph these storms. Believe it or not, there are tours that chase these amazing storms/tornados with the photographer in mind and it may not be as dangerous or as crazy as you think. He has guided people that come from all over the world each year to help them catch that amazing lighting or one of a kind image from Tornado Alley.

Rusty Nelson was born outside of Philadelphia and after graduating from the Universality of Dayton flew the B-52 and U-2 Spy plane for the US Air Force.

He currently resides in Philadelphia, PA and Marina Del Rey, CA.

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