Learn Astrophotography with Dale Taft - April 17 2018


[image1_left]On April 17th, we will spend the evening discussing Astrophotography techniques. Topics include: Equipment, camera settings, planning your shoot, software, various methods for shooting a standard Milky Way, shooting a panoramic Milky Way, shooting Star Trails and even a brief touch on making Time Lapse movies as a by-product of shooting Star Trails. We’ll also discuss the challenging topic of Noise Reduction techniques, with demos (time permitting).

[image2_right]I have worked as an Engineer at the AF base testing Aircraft, Missiles and Bombs 30+ years. I think the fact that I come from a technical background is one of the main reasons that I enjoy Astrophotography as much as I do. Astrophotography tends to be more challenging and technical that other styles. I shot my first Milky Way picture three years ago while on a camping trip in the mountains while bored sitting in the camp site. I never processed the photos but still, when I saw the raw result, I was hooked. The next day I went looking for a location to shoot a “real” photo and processed it this time. Next came endless hours reading articles and watching YouTube videos to learn more techniques. I continue to learn, attempt and practice new techniques.

So join us on April 17th at 6:00 at the Antelope Valley Senior Center for a great learning experience!

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