Photography Workshop with Bryan Peterson - July 21-22 2018


The Lancaster Photography Association is privileged to host a workshop with World Renowned Photographer Bryan Peterson on July 21-22. We have a 15 person limit and the cost for the workshop is $175.00 (due by July 1).

Bryan Peterson is known for such things as Understanding Exposure, Understanding Color, Learning to see creatively, and many more. He travels around the world doing workshops throughout the year. But on July 21st he’s going to be meeting with 15 lucky LPA members to do a short slide / talk, followed by an outing the next day full of photography. His usual fee for something like this is $500 and up per person, but for us he’s doing it for $175 per person. If everyone can have their payment in by July 1st that would be great!

Please sign up below to indicate your interest.

Taken from his website he writes…

From macro to telephoto, from wide-angle and fish-eye to the use of your flash, you will go home from each and every workshop with many great images and a feeling of tremendous satisfaction and most of all with the feeling that it really was money well spent! I take your enrollment in my workshops seriously and I promise that you will have a memorable and lasting learning experience! You are not here to watch me walk away from you while I go off and shoot on my own! My job is to be there with you while you shoot, to make suggestions on your lens choice and point of view, to make suggestions on your overall composition, to make suggestions on what exposure will be best. I am here most of all to help you return home with amazing images!

This single philosophy of helping you create amazing images is perhaps why more than 65% of my students have returned to take, on average, three additional workshops, after they take their first one. They really do have the much fun and they really do learn a great deal in the process! Below you can read just a small sampling comments from the many students who have taken a Bryan F Peterson Photo Workshop. Bryan has authored ten books on photography in nine different languages, including the worldwide best seller “Understanding Exposure”.


Are you ready to sign-up? If so, here are the basic essentials of what you will need!

  1. A camera body; FX, DX Micro 4/3rds, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus
  2. A wide angle lens; this can be a fixed or wide-angle zoom lens. If you have a FULL FRAME camera, that could be a 14-24mm, 16-35mm, 17-35mm, 17mm-40mm. If you own a CROP SENSOR camera, that could be a 10-22mm or a 12-24mm 
  3. A ‘street zoom’; for FULL FRAME camera’s this could be a 24mm-70mm, 24mm-105mm, 24-120mm or a 28mm-300mm. If you own a CROP SENSOR camera, that could be a 18-55mm, 18-105mm, 16mm-300mm, 18-105mm, 18-300mm
  4. A telephoto zoom; for FULL FRAME camera’s this could be a 70-200mm, 70-300mm, 100-400mm, 200-500mm. IF you own a CROP SENSOR camera, that could be a 55mm-200mm or any of the tele-zooms just mentioned.
  5. A macro lens OR extension tubes OR the close focusing filter the Canon 500D.
  6. A circular Polarizing filter; an FLW Magenta filter for sunrises and sunsets and a 3-stop Graduated ND Filter
  7. A camera bag, (a backpack style OR if you will be attending a city workshop, i.e. San Francisco or Boston, you can use one of those backpacks with rollers for walking down the streets if you prefer
  8. A portable flash; (consider renting one if you don’t own one).
  9. A sturdy tripod, preferably Carbon Fiber with a sturdy head
  10. No less than 100GB of memory cards, a portable storage device, your camera bag and your battery charger (international adaptors for foreign travel)
  11. A 5 in 1 reflector, remote cable/shutter release, lens cleaning cloth
  12. Clothing and shoes that make sense for the weather and terrain for your specific workshop and that includes the possible need for a portable umbrella.

Photo by Bryan Peterson

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We still need a location for the shoot. It seems like a long way off but before you know it he will be here and we won't have anywhere to go. The presentation can be done at Green House Cafe in Lancaster. They have to Screen for the projector which is required for the presentation the night before we go shoot with him.

I was thinking Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier for this as Bryan wants a combination of Nature & Street.

If anyone has any other suggestions PLEASE comment them here and we can all discuss this at the meetings.

Thank you!
I think that most people want to stay local with this. The place talked about most is doing something on Lancaster Blvd then moving to Apollo Park for some change of scenery. Thoughts?
I am not opposed to staying local we just need more interest or it won't happen.
As of today, March 21st, the sign up and payment deadline is still over three months away so I'm hopeful that more people will sign up. Me personally? I'd rather it not be local. We can shoot local any time.

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