First of 5 Digital Workshops


March 22nd

This was the first time we've invited the general public into our workshops and, considering the mix up in getting the notice in the AV press at the last minute, we had a huge attendance. The largest yet. The invitation proved successful and we managed to attract a few new members.

Approximately 37 people were present to listen to Arley Clark begin the workshop with some basic digital information on memory cards, batteries, digital camera operation and transferring images to the computer.

Arley has extensive experience in computers and photography and is more than willing to assist those wanting to learn.

A notice was sent out a few days before the workshop informing members that a slide scanner and computer would be present during the class so those interested could come in and scan their slides. John Shedrick was available to instruct those who were willing but not quite up to doing it themselves.

This is going to be a great series of workshops. Members wanting to learn the secrets of digital photography or just plain get their feet wet should make every effort to attend the upcoming sessions.

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