Panorama Workshop, April 24, 2007


Master photographer, Lyle Trusty instructed a Panoramic Photo workshop which was very well attended (38 members). Lyle had many beautiful panoramic shots, which he printed, and brought in to inspire us. One of them was 80 inches long!

Ideally, panoramic photos are taken with the camera being on a tripod, with a special panorama head attached, so as to allow the camera to rotate around the nodal point. A handout sheet was provided with 7 Pointers for Panoramas. After taking about how to choose camera settings, Lyle demonstrated how to set up the camera on the pano head, and took a panoramic group shot of the attendees.

Once the photos were downloaded onto the computer, Dennis Goodno demonstrated how to use Adobe Bridge to select, and stitch the photos together with a cool tool, called Photomerge.

Dennis provided a demo on how to take a panoramic photo, with a “point & shoot”, handheld camera, and showed how easy it was to make a panoramic shot using the Photomerge tool. It was a “worst case scenario”, but turned out amazingly well!

The explanations were easy to follow, and steps repeated many times. What a great learning experience.




Photos by Dennis Goodno

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