November 2007 Workshop: Portrait Shoot


As some of you may know, the LPA has an ongoing portrait workshop in addition to the regular LPA workshop normally held at the Lancaster Senior Center. This has been mostly a workshop supervised and coordinated by Jeff Bauer at his home studio location, depending on his availability.

The LPA would like to thank Jeff for the use of his equipment and knowledge and expertise of portrait photography and studio lighting. This workshop has been going on for more that a year with many LPA member coming and going. Jeff has always hung in there and continued the workshop.

In the future we plan on displaying workshop members work here on the web to help recognize Jeff as well as the photographers and models who participated.

Our Nov. 2007 Workshop consisted of  LPA member Joe Dias daughter (Brianna) joining us as our model for the month. She had never done any modeling before and jumped right in to the role with ease (See below). The 3 hours session proved very rewarding for both Brianna and the attending photographers and our fabulous model went home with some great shots under here belt. She will be receiving her portraits on CD within the next 30 days.

We are always looking for models to practice our photographic skills on. If you have someone who would be interested in modeling, you should contact either Jeff Bower or Arley Clark to arrange a sitting. The results can be comparable to professional quality portraits done with local studios, with no cost for the model. This is a great opportunity for someone desiring to be a model or just acquire some portrait work for themselves or a friend or family. No specific gender or age is required. From grandma to newborns. We take'em all.

We have professional as well as armature photographers that are more than willing to share their work.


Arley Clark
Duane Whittaker
Jeff Bauer
Joe Diaz
Lyle Trusty

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