Flower Photography Workshop, March 25, 2008


Sue and Tylene went all out in putting this together, and we had over fifty members in attendance.

The evening began with a presentation on the different techniques that can be used to obtain various effects. They had examples of flowers photographed with different types of lenses, from Ultra-wide to Normal to Macro, and from different angles and lighting conditions.

They explained how critical the Depth of Field is when you need to emphasize your subject or soften a busy background, and had examples for everything they discussed.

They talked about all the equipment that we should or could use to get those really great shots.

After, they got our creative juices really flowing, we were turned loose to begin practicing on the twelve different stations that were set up around the room.

There was a beginner’s station to learn to photograph for Depth of Field.

There were soft-boxes for us to practice shooting under soft overhead light.

There were table arrangements with really nice backgrounds for us to shoot from different angles and lighting conditions.

Then, there was an arrangement with Mylar that allowed us to get really creative with special effects.

There were tables set up especially for Macro shots, where we mostly worked as teams where one of us photographed while the other controlled the lighting and background.

There was even a darkened room with flower arrangements where Fred Griggs was helping some of us to practice “Painting With Light”.

During our practice time, Sue, Tylene, and some of our other more experienced members were giving “One-on-One” help to anyone who needed it.




This was an extremely successful workshop in which we all learned from and enjoyed.
Many thanks go to Sue and Tylene and everyone else who contributed their efforts to bring this about.



Article by John Shedrick
Photos by Arley Clark unless otherwise noted


Member Pictures taken at Macro Workshop (March 25, 2008)


Sue Liberto



Kurtiss Humphrey


Bill Kuhlemier


Diana Edgel

David Wilkins



Keri Vondra



Nan Carder

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