2008 Fair Photography Exhibit Workshop


We had the largest turnout yet since we’ve been conducting the Pre-Fair Workshop. There were over fifty people present, with many of them being the public.

John began by explaining the fair rules and taking questions as we went along. There were questions of every sort presented. Some of them required quite a bit of discussion, especially the definitions of some classes like abstract and computer imaging. It’s apparent that we’ll need to better define these classes next year.


Once everyone’s questions were satisfactorily answered, Dennis took the floor. He explained how while demonstrating the techniques for mounting prints.

He also showed how to cut foam-core using a mat-cutter and also using more commonly available tools like a box-cutter and straight-edge.

Everyone seemed very happy with the presentation and a few indicated an interest in joining our club.


Article by John Shedrick
Photos by Dennis Goodno

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