Off-Camera Flash Workshop - April 2009


Led by Stokely Wilson, King Photo Supply

We had a large turnout for this month’s workshop on Off-Camera Flash Photography.

I counted 48 in attendance.

Stokely began with a primer on flash photography and the various devices that can be used to tie in multiple flash units, or just a single flash unit off-camera.

He explained in detail the different options we have in controlling multiple flash heads and even controlling several sets of flashes on different channels.

Many of us had our own flash units with us and were following along as he took us through the steps of programming our flash units to perform more different functions than I can remember.

He provided plenty of opportunity for questions as he went along.

He brought a number of flashes and accessories with him and demonstrated many of the features as he explained them, such as zooming the flash head and using stroboscopic flash to create a motion effect.

He emphasized the correct camera and flash settings for obtaining both the desired foreground and background exposures.

After his initial presentation, the audience began posing particular questions, which led the discussion into many different areas, including: bounce flash, second curtain sync, exposure control, flash filters, alternate power supplies and flash range.

We all came away with a better understanding of using our flash units and renewed enthusiasm for trying some of the techniques that Stokely explained.

Thanks Stokely, for conducting such an informative and enjoyable workshop for us.


Photo by Dennis Goodno


Article by John Shedrick
Photos by Arley Clark,  unless noted otherwise


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