Flower Workshop, July 11 2009


Led by Tylene Trout and Sue Craft

Our new competition chairman, Helen Henry, had her thinking cap on. After accepting the position of Competition Chair and realizing the July competition was Flowers, she thought about all the beautiful flowers in her backyard and asked if Tylene Trout and Sue Craft would present their flower workshop again, at the Henry’s home.

It all came together rather quickly, and members were notified via email and signed up on the web.  A few days before the event, Jerry Henry volunteered to BBQ hot dogs and hamburgers, and a web potluck list quickly formed.

The turnout was GREAT!!! Somewhere between 25 and 30 members came out for the workshop presentation, brought flowers and food, and had a wonderful time.

Tylene Trout narrated the show that was presented in March 08 for the LPA. It was new information for our new members, and reminders for the rest of us. A handout on Wildflower Tips was passed out.

Sue shared her discovery… a very well done 20 page E-Book (for free) written by Steve & Vic Berardi on ”13 Tips for Better Wildflower Photography”.

Go http://photonaturalist.net to download your copy.

The Henry’s yard was loaded with beautiful flowers and fountains.  Participants brought in blooming plants, floral bouquets, light boxes, reflectors, black velvet, etc... shared all, and worked together.

Taking photos of one of the floral bouquets outside took at least 3 people… one to hold the velvet covered board (so it didn’t blow away in the wind), one to hold the gold reflector and shine the golden light on the subject, and of course one to photograph. Teamwork… it was fun!

Thank you to all who participated and brought the beautiful flowers and yummy food, to Tylene and Sue for sharing their workshop presentation, and especially to Helen and Jerry Henry for offering their beautiful home/yard, and to Jerry master BBQ chef.

As the photo party ended, about 2pm, a brush fire broke out to the East… figures at least one of our photographers would be ready to capture that! Michael Harris now has a great Human Interest photo. You never know what you’ll come across when thinking you’re going to photograph “Flowers” all day.


Below are some of the sample images produced at our Flower Workshop





Article by Sue Craft
Photography John Shedrick


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