Multi-Processing RAW Images


Ted Dayton, President of the Santa Clarita Photography Club, conducted this month’s workshop.

Ted picked just this one area of image processing, and thoroughly covered it. The workshop was primarily geared towards those who were fairly new to RAW processing and to those who were still undecided whether its worth the effort to work with RAW image files.

Most of the attendees brought their laptops so they could practice the steps as they were explained. In order to accommodate everyone who may not have had suitable RAW processing software on their laptops, Ted had sample images already converted to JPEG on disks which we passed around as people arrived. One image had been processed for optimal exposure of the shadow areas and the other for the highlight areas.

A comparison of the two images showed an amazing amount of detail that would have been lost if the image was taken in JPEG to begin with.

Ted then took us through the steps of overlapping the two images in photoshop using layers, and then using the erasure brush to blend the images together. The brush could be set for whatever degree of transparency is desired. The end result being a photograph with a great amount of detail in both highlights and shadows, with no degradation in the image during the process.

Quite a few questions were asked during the presentation for which Ted was glad to provide answers.

Ted was well prepared and did a great job of simplifying a task which many of us previously weren’t quite up to speed on.


Thanks Ted, for another great workshop.



Article by John Shedrick
Photos Arley Clark


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