PSA Report, October 2014

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By Nan Carder, EPSA, DFS4C, PSA Club Representative

PSA Annual Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico: The PSA Conference was fun. There were many classes, workshops, tours, and programs to attend. Next year the PSA Annual Conference will be held in West Yellowstone, Montana from September 27, 2015 to October 3, 2015. Chris and David Wilkins did an excellent job of taking the minutes for the PJ Division (covering for Tina Crowe, PJ Division Secretary). PSA members attending the conference from the Lancaster Photography Association are the following: Anita Kratofil, Fran Marroquin, Bill and Leslie Sutton, David and Chris Wilkins, and Nan Carder.

PSA Projected Image Division (PID) Creative Interclub (Third Round):  Results are now available for the final 2013-2014 PSA Projected Image Division (Creative) Interclub competition. Congratulations go to Pat Ware (Abandoned) and Pam Vick (Sandbox Recipe) for winning awards in the final round. Also participating were Helen Henry (Framed Filagre), Rock Myers (Really Cool Car), Richard Wood (St. Basil’s Rising), and Nan Carder (Katmai Brown Bear 2917). 

PSA Projected Image Division (First Round): Entries for the PSA Projected Image Division first round are the following: “Bird of Paradise” (Ron Yagi), “Friesians” (Kathy Newman), “Halgrimskirkja Church” (David Wilkins), “Heron Waiting for Breakfast” (Darren Cole), “Randsburg General Store” (Dale Ware), and “Slow Roll” (Dwight Franke). LPA will compete in the B Group this year.

PSA Nature Division Interclub (First Round): Entries for the PSA Nature Interclub Division first round are the following: “Brown Bear Mother and Cubs 2” (David Wilkins), “Elephant Watching You” (John Klenke), “Gentoo with Two Chicks” (Chris Wilkins), “Nesting Gracefully” (Holly Peskin), “Sub-adult Bear Fishing” (Tina Crowe), and “Tuff Love” (Diana Edgel). 

PSA Photojournalism Interclub: The Lancaster Photography Association has been invited to judge one of the PSA Photojournalism Interclub competitions.

PSA Photojournalism Quarterly Competition (Best of 2013): Congratulations go to Tina Crowe. The Photographic Society of America (PSA) PJ Quarterly 2013 year-end results were announced. Tina's images did very well winning second place with her image “Ken gets Mobbed” and acceptances with “Endeavor’s Last Day” and “Street Performer at Sacre Coeur”. Nevada Camera Club judged the competition. All of the winning images may be seen at this web link.

Any PSA member may participate in these competitions. There is no fee to participate. Two rounds remain for the 2014 season on October 31st and December 15th. More information may be found at this web site.

PSA MAC Chapter: The PSA Mid Atlantic Chapter is having their First Annual National Cup Competition. Entries will close November 1st. There will be four sections. Trophies and medals will be given, plus 80 HM ribbons. This is not a PSA recognized exhibition. More information can be found at this web link. 

PSA Council Challenge: Sue Liberto received an Honorable Mention in the PSA Council’s Challenge with her image “Tall Ships”. Congratulations Sue. The Southern California Council of Camera Clubs was third in the Color Digital Images.

Club Service Award: LPA was awarded the PSA Club Service Award for the second time. Past President for LPA, David Wilkins attended the conference opening ceremonies and accepted the award.

Ocean State International Exhibition: Entries for this year’s Ocean States International Exhibition will close October 25th this year. Anyone may enter. Entries should state that individuals are from the Lancaster Photography Association to get the $5.00 entry fee. Four images may be submitted. Information can be found at this web site or contact Nan Carder:

Southern California Roundup Chapter Website: The Southern California Roundup Chapter has a new website. It can be found at this web link: There are announcements about news, future events, photo ops, and galleries.

Southern California Roundup Chapter Event:  On February 21, 2015, the PSA Southern California Chapter will have a photo event held at Descanso Gardens.  Registration will open December 2014, More information to come.

More information can be found at this webpage. If anyone would like information about the Photographic Society of America, please contact Nan Carder, EPSA at

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