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Bob Ginn spent 24 years in the daily newspaper grind (LA, NY, Wichita, Redding and others) and did about everything, then moved out on his own in 1988. He has done over 2,500 published assignments in over 120 countries - and will use that/those images to (he hopes) entertain you and give you information YOU can use for your work with a camera. He talks about most subjects from cameras to lenses to IDEAS on what make a photo successful in everything from PR stand-ups to clubs/PSA/pro contests.

He went digital in the late 90's and never looked back. If you are expecting much about photoshopping images, he states most of you are probably better at it as he is not very "deep" into it, although he does it and also uses Nik. He will bring some prints along (10-15 large ones) to show you why he NEVER use raw - just JPEG! He believes that content is everything!!! He also looks at things in a deeper fashion (sometimes out of "fashion") and finds his work sells well. He does well in most photo contests - which tells him little beyond what those judges liked. He also does rather well in the PSA/camera club world and has done so for some 45+ years, having been 18 times top of one or another of the PSA Who's Who listings. He struggles to suffer shallow "thinking", lack of photographic back-grounding and most fools too much, if any extent, but does enjoy being pushed by interesting questions from shooters. He will take questions after his presentation! His odd humor is odd!!! Fair warning!

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