Entering S4C Workshop - Jan 28, 2020


On January 28, 2020, LPA will be having a workshop on how to enter the S4C Competitions that occur each month from October through April. It is a great way to venture further afield than our local club competitions, and try competing against some other Southern California photographers. There is also a banquet at the end of the year where many awards are handed out. It is a great time to get meet other
Southern California photo enthusiasts. Several of our members have asked for some clarification on how the entry process works and more details on the various Divisions and Sections you can enter.

Nan Carder has agreed to share her knowledge of the entry process, and she should be able to answer any questions you may have regarding S4C. Four of our LPA Members hold positions at S4C, including David Wilkins as Vice President, Chris Wilkins as Secretary and Club Representatives Coordinator, Terri Garner as Treasurer, and Nan Carder as Nature Chairperson.

S4C stands for Southern California Council of Camera Clubs. There are 20 different camera clubs that are part of S4C, and it is a member of Photographic Society of America (PSA). These competitions include photos from each club’s members.

S4C also hosts two International exhibitions each year. the S4C International Exhibition and the Coachella International Exhibition (which is open for entries currently).

The S4C website is: s4c-photo.org

To enter the Coachella International Exhibition, check out this website: https://www.coachella-ex.org/

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