Is there one single common denominator that exists in all great photography? YES. It isn’t composition, light or moment, as we have all seen great images without these elements.

It’s Emotion.

If we can step back for one moment and put aside how much fun we all have taking pictures (and if you’re not having fun, you're doing something wrong) and ask – what is it we want to achieve with the images we have created?"

We all want to take great images, beautiful images, interesting images... but like many things in life, if you are able to define and refine exactly what you are after, you are more likely to get it. I feel the most memorable images, the images we go back to again and again, the images we hang on our walls, the images that resonate deeply within us, are the images that move us emotionally. They make an emotional impact in us. If coffee has been referred to as a caffeine delivery system, then the best photography should be looked at as an emotion delivery system.

I believe you can divide almost every image you see (especially travel images) into two categories. There are many ways of naming these two categories. Emotion vs. Information. Lyrical vs. Literal. Vision vs. Record. Interpretation vs. Documentation. It's the difference between “I was there and saw this” and “I was there and felt this”. It goes beyond capturing the essence of a subject - it's capturing your vision and feelings about that subject.

The key is how to make someone else who wasn’t standing next to you when you took that image of the elephant in the middle of the Serengeti, feel the same way about it that you do. You have your emotions already tied up in that image because you were there when you took it. You remember the long flight, the sound of the elephant's legs swishing through the grass, the heat of the African sun, the smells. How do you create an image, so impactful, that it communicates the emotion of how you felt when you shot it, to someone who wasn't there?

When you have mastered the elements that go into creating emotion driven images, traveling becomes a thrilling exploration of your own vision.

During this presentation Lorne will lay out an 8-point structure to consistently create emotionally powerful travel images. Whether you enjoy shooting wildlife, landscape, people or any other kind of travel images, Lorne will explain what goes into consistently making great images.

The goal of the presentation is to have you creating images with a greater sense of purpose, in your own style and voice.


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