Prime Desert Woodland Field Trip - June 18th

Led by Helen Henry & Christine Wilkins
Saturday, June 18th at 1:00pm

Picture Perfect

Here is a great opportunity to learn how to photograph the Prime Desert Woodlands’ wildlife.  LPA Photographer Helen Henry will be presenting this event for the Prime Desert Woodlands Preserve and will be demonstrating proper shooting techniques, timing and the use of the tripod to capture the natural beauty and wildlife of this unique desert preserve.  Christine Wilkins who is a volunteer at the Preserve, will provide additional tips on the various types of flora and fauna found here.  This event is open to the community and attendance is Free.  The Prime Desert Woodlands Preserve is located at 43201 35th Street West (Avenue K8 & 35th Street West), in Lancaster.  See the calendar for more information.

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After Helen and Chris’ presentation, gather with your LPA friends and explore the more than three miles of trails here at the Preserve while practicing your newly acquired skills and techniques.  Also, don’t forget that the July LPA photo competition will be of photos taken at the Preserve from late fall into spring.  ]In addition to entering the LPA photo competition, you can also submit your photos to David Wilkins at for possible inclusion in the next DVD that will be donated to the City of Lancaster for showing at the Preserve’s Nature Center.  As a side note, the Preserve is also looking for photos of people enjoying the Preserve (Note - Identifiable people must have a model release).  Please visit the centers website at to see a list of some of the upcoming photo events such as Moon Walks, Bats, Cool Critters, Puppet Shows, etc.

Plan on joining us for this fun event.

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