L.A. Arboretum - October 20th, 2012


Location: 301 North Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia, CA, 91007 (opens at 9:00)


The Queen Anne Cottage House will be open this day, and I would like as many members as possible, especially the novice shooters, to please join us. There are many many things to photograph at the Arboretum. Flash, and tripods are permitted here, however reflectors are not permitted (even diffusers are not allowed).

I encourage the teaming up of the more experienced photographers with the photographers who need assistance in using their cameras. This is a great place for macro photography.

We will meet for breakfast at Lucky Roxy's Cafe at 405 West Palmdale Boulevard, Palmdale, CA 93551 (661) 267-6526 at 7:30am (leave at 8:30)‎, We can caravan from the Cafe to Arcadia.

For those that arrive at a different time we will regroup at noon at the Peacock Cafe inside the Arboretum, just to meet up and share experiences.

Please sign up below if you'd like to attend.


You are free to photograph what you like, but may want to try macro photography. You should use a tripod and cable release. There are many birds, such as the pea peasant that are used to humans and will allow you to get close up. Other smaller water birds will require telephoto lens.

Recommended equipment

Bring whatever close-focusing equipment you have, as well as long lens in the 200mm range or longer. If you have extension tubes, use them for macro. A polarizing filter will help cut through the reflections of the water’s surface, which will make the water look richer and darker. Tripod should be used. Since the sun is harsh, use a diffuser, (not a reflector) to lower the contrast. Bring water and food if needed.

Items to Photograph

Although the peacocks might be the most obvious birds, plus lots of water fowl, there’s a lot more to photograph: flower and plants - over a half dozen gardens, tropical green-houses, a Victorian home, built in 1884, (used in the TV show Fantasy Island), an old adobe hut, a railroad depot and barn (1890), ponds, water gardens, Australian, African, and Prehistoric Forest sections and more.

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