Ventura Trip on Saturday, November 13th

All LPA members are invited for a day trip to the Ventura Pier on Saturday, November 13th. We will meet at the front of the Ventura Pier at 1:00 PM and take some great pics of seagulls, boats, surfers and whatever catches your eye. We will be practicing safe distancing and following all state guidelines on this trip.

Ventura Mission
After about 90 minutes, we can head on over to the Ventura Mission for some more photo opportunities and walk around the Mission.  If you are into some shopping there is some nice thrift stores and restaurants right next to the Mission.  This should be a fun trip.

Sunset is at approximately 5 p.m., so hang out for great Pier/sunset shots, and maybe dinner afterwards, depending on people’s schedules.

Please bring sun screen, hats, and some water and snacks for the trip. If you have any questions call Steve at 720-436-9094 or Kathy (661)317-1884.  Please sign up if you'd like to attend.

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