Death Valley Field Trip - Feb. 25-27 2022

All LPA members are invited to attend a three-day weekend trip starting on Friday February 25th to Sunday February 27th in Death Valley National Park.

We will meet at 3:00 PM at Stove Pipe Wells Store to take some evening sand dune images until it it gets dark. After having dinner, we will be meeting at the Harmony Borax Work Exhibit at 9:00 PM for some Astro Photography.  Kurtis will be giving a live demonstration of how to track and take images with his telescopes.  One telescope will be hooked up to his Ipad for real time viewing of galaxies, nebula and star clusters. After 2 or 3 hours of taking some Astro Photography at the Harmony Borax Work Exhibit, we will be heading to the old Ghost Town Rhyolite in nearby Nevada, for some more night images.

Please sign up below if you'd like to attend

Since we will be shooting late into the early evening many of us will sleep in.  If you can’t sleep in late you can head on out Saturday morning to Zabriske's Point for the sunrise colors, later moving on down to the Borax Works Exhibit and surrounding areas.  We will meet for Lunch at noon at the Furnace Creek Visitor Center on Saturday.  After lunch we can decide as a group where we want to head next, Artist’s Drive, Natural Bridge, Devil’s Golf Course, Pup Fish, and Bad Water, shooting until sundown.

We will again be shooting some more Astro Photography with Kurtis on Saturday night at the Harmony Borax Works at 9:00 PM.  We will head back to Rhyolite around midnight to take some more Astro Photography to finish up this trip. The next morning, we will head home.

Please bring sun screen, snacks, hats and extra water. You will be responsible for the entrance fee to Death Valley National Park.

There are many campgrounds and hotels to stay in Death Valley. We recommend staying in Beatty Nevada which is about 40 minutes from Death Valley and only a few miles from the Ghost town of Rhyolite, where we will be doing late night photography and light painting.

We will follow all state safety protocols concerning Covid-19.

If you have any questions call Steve at 720-436-9094 or Kathy at 661-256-8144.

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Steve. I and my wife will be attending the death Valley Photo Shoot Don Goeschl. 661 418-6514

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