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Digital Submission Rules

The following guidelines cover digital submissions to LPA contests:

  1. File type: Must be JPEG. Filenames should end in '.jpeg' or '.jpg'
  2. File size: Must be 768 pixels longest side (vertical or horizontal). This will allow both vertical and horizontal images to fit the projector's 1024 X 768 dimensions.
  3. File name: Class_Photo name. Example: A_Rocks and Aspens. The photographer's name should not be in the file name. This will be tracked on the sign-in sheets. The photographer's name can be added to the photo's metadata, 'IPTC core', 'Creator' for each image.
  1. Resolution: Should be maximum (least compression) for best results.
  2. Color Space: Should be sRGB to best match the color gamut of the projector.
  3. Classes: Entries may be in one of two classes:
    • A - Advanced and Master
    • B - Novice and Amateur
  4. Deadline: Digital images must be received by the Tuesday before the competition (one week ahead). Please send to Paul Craft at craft.paul@gmail.com. No late entries will be accepted.

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