How to pick the right class for your entries to the 2019 AV Fair
Version: : 2019
Date: May.08.2019
Downloads: 3
File Size: 562.45 kb
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AV Fair 2017 - How to Pick the Right Class
Date: Apr.12.2015
Downloads: 685
File Size: 7.51 mb
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Check request form to be used for reimbursements as well as for checks to vendors, judges, etc.
Version: : 1.0
Date: Jul.31.2011
Downloads: 188
File Size: 245.56 kb
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Proposed By-Laws discussed at the April 12 board meeting. This version has been superceded by the Board-Approved By-Laws April 12, 2011
Date: Apr.22.2011
Downloads: 18
File Size: 151.48 kb
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Revised By-Laws approved by the Board on April 12, 2011.
Date: Apr.15.2011
Downloads: 2,102
File Size: 140.53 kb
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Information needed to enter the 2011 PSA Youth Showcase
Date: Apr.09.2011
Downloads: 32
File Size: 2.04 mb
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Information on submitting entries for the 2011 Lancaster Museum & Art Gallery Juried Art Exhibition
Date: Jan.05.2011
Downloads: 41
File Size: 1.53 mb
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For to request a UEN, required for entry into S4C competitions.
Date: Aug.06.2010
Downloads: 25
File Size: 180.69 kb
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These tags can be attached to the back of prints that are submitted to the AV Fair and other competitions.
Date: Jun.21.2010
Downloads: 133
File Size: 11.85 kb
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Additional notes to help clarify the AV Fair Photo Competition Guidelies
Version: : 1.0
Date: Jun.21.2010
Downloads: 160
File Size: 249.42 kb
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