Portrait Photography Workshop, Feb. 28, 2012


Ovcr 35 LPA members brought their cameras for a hands-on portrait workshop organized by Bonnie Matthews, with the assistance of Douglas Wade, Glenn Olson, Kurtiss Humphrey and Dwight Franke.  Each had a “photo studio” set up for us to practice with lighting setups, posing models and working with our settings on our cameras in various modes.

Douglas and Glenn set up studios with constant lighting in which the fluorescent lights were on continuously.  Douglas had a photo backdrop constructed out of PVC and fabric.   Glenn had a Chromakey/ Green Screen set up.

Kurtiss and Bonnie/Dwight used flash lighting in their studios.  Each had four separate flash units for his main, fill, hair and background lights.  Each of these studios also had marbled backdrops. Bonnie/Dwight had a marbled backdrop and Kurtiss had a gray backdrop but used a purple filter over the backdrop light to change the color.  Bonnie assisted Canon photographers and Dwight the Nikon photographers in setting their custom white balance by using a “black, grey, and white digital calibration target” to set the correct exposure. Bonnie believes as she was taught in her very first LPA workshop with Hank Morris, by using these steps in her workflow it drastically reduce her workflow on the back-end by getting it right on the front-end. You can achieve perfect exposures and white balance every time.  Both Bonnie and Kurtiss allowed the photographers to use their remote flash triggers, Pocket Wizards and gave proper instructions on their use.  These attached to the camera's flash shoe and triggered the flash lighting via a radio signal when the camera shutter was opened. Bonnie also worked with the members to give ideas on how to pose the models.

All models volunteered their time for the workshop.  They had varying levels of modeling experience, and all were excellent subjects. Some of the models had their makeup done by a professional makeup artist, Andrea Rangel who volunteered her time and makeup. If anyone wants to send her a thank you or contact her, please do at lilsick4life@yahoo.com. LPA photographers had an opportunity to practice posing models to get the poses and photographs they desired.  Thank you to all the models, who volunteered their time.  Photographers, please send your favorite photos, full size-jpg format, to organizer Bonnie Matthews, PO Box 4411, Lancaster, CA 93539 or bring to the next general meeting so she can collect images and present a disc of images for models as a Thank You. Bonnie will be selecting a few images and printing them for the models as an additional Thank You!

This workshop was a great learning experience for everyone who participated.

There were many helpful handouts provided for this event:

We’ll be looking forward to seeing many of your photos in the upcoming March Portrait competition.  Thank you to Bonnie, Douglas, Glenn, Kurtiss and Dwight for setting up and sharing their photo studios and expertise, and allowing us to use them.  Thank you to all the models, and the makeup artist, and to all of you helped set up and break down in such a timely manner.  Once again, another very successful LPA portrait workshop! 

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