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Message from this year's A.V. Fair Photography Exhibit Charmain, Dave Anderson.


Fair Volunteers Needed!  Sign up here

For the most authoritative information, please visit the AV Fair Website.

If you'd like to sign up to volunteer as a clerk or exhibit monitor, you can do so on the AV Fair Signup Page.

This year, we're continuing this web page in an effort to make it easier for everyone to prepare their prints for the fair. I'll try to address all the issues that the public might have, including those that we've faced in the past.

This year, we've added a Digital Division which will enable you to submit a total of fifteen entries (10 prints and 5 digital entries). The lower limit and the restricted number of classes for digital entries was determined to be necessary until we're able to anticipate the approximate number of entries to expect. We're trying to have the appropriate number of TV Monitors available so you won't have to wait too long to look for particular entries.

The information provided here does not replace what is in the Fair's on-line Exhibit Guide/Premium Book, but is only intended to add further clarification and help on preparing your prints for the Fair.

If you still have questions after reviewing this information or have an issue that you'd like to discuss, you may call Dave Anderson at 265-7188. If we're not home, please leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


How to decide which status you should select; Amateur, Advanced Amateur or Professional.

The definition of "Advanced Amateur" was recently re-written to encourage more people to move up. As you may have noticed, some of the classes in the Amateur divisions had so many entries that your chance of winning in some classes seemed quite small. We're trying to improve this by getting more of you to move up to Advanced Amateur.

As the rules state, if you've won more than two Blue Ribbons, you're required to move into the Advanced status. However, even if you haven’t won those blue ribbons, it could be to your advantage to move up anyway. You'll be competing with a lot less entries and then there's the prestige of winning in a higher status.

So, it's mostly up to you. If your photography has significantly improved, you should consider entering as an Advanced Amateur.

Note: Whichever status you select must apply to all of your entries in Photography.


Choosing the Classes for your entries.

Your primary decision in choosing which class to enter your photos should be based on the main or dominant theme of the photograph. Many photographs could qualify for more than one class, but your chance of winning is likely to be better if you choose the correct class.

Part of the criteria for selecting the winners is the appropriate placement in each class. i.e. A picture of an animal doing something funny or interesting could be entered in "Animals", but it would be better placed in "Human Interest".


Print Rules

The print rules remain the same as last year, and are really quite liberal.

Borders are allowed. This means that the mount-board may be larger than the print, and/or the border may be part of the print.

The maximum size of 16 inches x 20 inches still applies to the mount-board. So, for example, a 12" x 16" print could be mounted on a 16" x 20" board. Here are some examples of your options.


Matting is not allowed.

In most cases, we recommend that prints be "flush mounted", which means that the print is the same size as the mount-board. Borders should be reserved for those prints that you really feel will be enhanced by the border.

We do have limited space to hang everyone's pictures. Too many entries with maximum borders could result in an overcrowded and disorderly looking display and may force us to restrict the option of borders in the future.

Adhesives used to mount your pictures to the mount-boards must be the permanent type. (see "Materials to Use" for more info). This is to prevent delaminating of the pictures during the course of the fair.


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Mounting your Photos


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